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2013 Canadian Indoor Regionals

The Regional Indoor Championships are held at various locations across Canada on the first full weekend in March each year. In addition to the individual event, there is a Club Team Event. Results are compiled immediately following the event and will be posted on the Archery Canada website as soon as possible.
The local host site for this event is at the Lakeland Archers main building on main street, and the event will start on Sunday, Mar. 3 at 1 PM. For more information or to pre-register, call Rene Schaub at 780-689-8488 or Laurie McDonald at 780-623-3509.

Individual Event

This is an 18 meter Indoor Round (60 arrows). Medals are awarded for the top three Canadian competitors in each class and division.

Club Team Event

  • A team consists of three archers all of whom are members of the same club.
  • A team's score consists of the aggregate score, hits, tens and nines of all its members attained in the individual competition. (There are no additional arrows shot for the team round.)
  • All teams must be formed and registered before the first arrow of the individual round.
  • All teams must have at least one member who is a Junior, Cub, Pre-Cub, Cadet, Woman or Disabled archer and teams are allowed only one Master or Senior shooting with a release (i.e. in the Compound, Bowhunter Unlimited, Disabled-Open Compound categories).
  • A club may register any number of teams; however only the highest scoring team from a club will be eligible for awards
  • All archers on a team must shoot their scores at the same site on the same day.
  • There are awards for the top three teams, with each team member receiving a medal.

Membership in Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc

Canadian competitors must be members of the Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc in order to register for the Indoor Championships. In addition, their membership must be verified to the Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc National Office by their provincial organization by the last day of March. Anyone whose membership has not been so confirmed will be removed from the final individual and team results of the competition and will not be eligible to receive medals.

Non-Canadians must be members of another country's FITA affiliated organization.

Shooting Divisions and Scoring

(1) Competitors must register in one of the following equipment divisions:

  • Master Men, Master Women, Senior Men, Senior Women

    Recurve, Barebow, Compound, Compound Limited,
    Bowhunter Open, Release or Fingers
    Para Archer (ARW1, ARW2, ARST, Compound Open).

  • Junior Men, Junior Women, Cadet Men, Cadet Women, Cub Men, Cub Women, Pre-Cub Men, Pre-Cub Women

Recurve, Barebow, Compound,
Para Archer(ARW1, ARW2, ARST, Compound Open).

(2) The following chart shows the target size and 10 ring scoring for various categories:


equipment divisions – targets & scoring


para-archer compound:

  • open
  • W1




  • W1
  • W2
  • standing


·        open 

·        release

·        fingers



40 inner

40 outer

40 outer






40 outer

60 outer



60 outer


(3) Detailed information on equipment division rules is available in the Archery Canada Tir à l'Arc rulebook