Club Member Expectations

This year Lakeland Archers has developed and incorporated Club Expectations into our program. We feel that these are important to follow in order for all to have fun and be safe. These expectations are for the archers, parents and coaches. All members will be expected to abide by the following:


  • To respect the coaches, volunteers and especially each other.

  • To behave in a safe and appropriate manner.

  • To participate in all activities with a positive attitude.

  • Leave your toys and games at home.

  • Be prepared to have fun and make new friends.


  • If your child is disruptive and causing problems, you will come and pick up your child.

  • To treat all coaches and volunteers with respect and courtesy.

  • No electronic devices (game boys, MP3 players, etc) will be allowed at any time.

  • That you will pick up your child promptly after class.

  • To feel encouraged to help out when and where needed.


  • Provide a safe, fair and fun evening of archery for the archers.

  • Encourage and support each archer.

  • Be open and attentive to archers needs and concerns.

  • Be open and attentive to parents needs and concerns.