New to Archery?

If you’re new to the sport of archery or interested in taking it up, you probably have some questions. Archery can be a great sport and pastime for your whole family. Lets start with the not-so-easy question of what type of equipment to try and where you can shoot it. To simplify this lets break it down in to 3 categories:

    1. Traditional - This form of archery involves shooting a traditional bow and originates from the medieval period. Longbows and recurves are the most common types of traditional bows. Traditional archers rely on instincts and practice to make the arrow go where they want rather than using targeting sights and releases. With enough practice, hunting and competing with a traditional bow can be quite rewarding.

    2. Compound – Without question, compound bows are the most popular bow type because of the many different types of equipment and shooting possibilities. A compound archer will use a modern compound bow to shoot, usually with a release aid as a trigger. Compound bows are designed to be very adjustable and can be tuned for hunting or for target shooting to shoot precisely at long range. When an archer decides to purchase a compound bow it is set specifically to their required draw length and poundage. Many other bow features can be customized based on your shooting style.

    3. Target Recurve – Shooting a target recurve is the most specialized form of archery. A target recurve bow is specifically tuned for each archer much like a compound bow, but it is specifically used for target shooting and isn't normally used for hunting.

With the basic types of equipment covered you may still be unsure about what to shoot, but the decisions can be narrowed down further by asking yourself a simple question: do you want to participate in archery competitions, or hunt, or both? If you only want to compete, then you will probably want to shoot a compound or target recurve bow. For hunting, a compound bow is the most popular, followed by traditional bows..

This may seem complicated, but our club not only has many coaches and teachers that can match your skills with a particular bow type, but also we have a large selection of sample bows that you can try and see which one works best for you.

If you have any questions about becoming involved in archery, come and visit us or feel free to email us at